Practice Areas

BCCB advises clients and generates strategies for their business operations in close collaboration with the firm's practice areas, should this be required.

  • BCCB is renowned for its expertise in constitutional affairs. Among other activities, the firm deals with ordinary and extraordinary appeals before the Supreme Court of Justice and provincial High Courts.
  • In addition, BCCB handles:
  • Issues of Supreme Court jurisdiction
  • Declaratory actions of certitude and unconstitutionality
  • Class action, constitutional rights, habeas data and habeas corpus
  • Constitutional Taxation Law
  • Electoral Law
  • Emergency decrees, legislative delegation and partial enactment/ of laws
  • Matters linked to the operations of the Judiciary and Legislative Powers at National, Provincial and Municipal levels
  • Freedom of speech and freedom of the press. Rights of social communications media mechanisms.

Thanks to its clients wide range of activities, BCCB is experienced in drafting and negotiating commercial contracts across all industries. BCCB’s lawyers are qualified to fully understand the processes, objectives and strategies inherent to their clients’ operations, enabling them to provide advice and solutions that align with their business objectives.

BCCB assists its clients in the choice of the most suitable corporate vehicles for their projects as well as in matters related to the daily operations. The firm is active in negotiations and contracts between stockholders as well as the defense of stockholder interests and prevention of conflict between partners.

BCCB has a long history providing advice and representation for chambers of commerce, NGOs, provincial governments and public agencies.

BCCB advises clients and generates strategies for their business operations in close collaboration with the firm’s practice areas, should this be required.

BCCB has ample experience advising and providing representation in complex litigation before the National Judiciary or other national or international administrative agencies.

  • BCCB professionals have a long history providing comprehensive advice to construction and utility companies and public works licensees as well as public agencies and have solid experience in assisting the process of public and private bids. Additionally, they have participated actively in the privatization process of water, energy (generation, transportation and distribution), railways, waste disposal and road concession services in the Argentine Republic, advising multinational companies.
  • BCCB renders legal services regarding contracts with the government in national, provincial and municipal spheres, as well filing applications before the public administration in addition to administrative disputes and appeals for protection of constitutional rights before the courts.

BCCB’s staff have a broad knowledge of this branch of law and offer their extensive experience advising clients on matters related to civil law in general, such as contracts and obligations, as well as legal and property regimes regarding the family.

BCCB assists its clients in all aspects related to mergers and acquisitions, including taxation, environment, insurance, labor and social security, as well as defense of competition and copyright.

BCCB provides professional services to clients in the publishing business and in print and audiovisual communications media, as well as entertainment companies including cinema chains, TV and film production companies, publishing houses and casinos, among others.

BCCB has ample experience designing the legal structure required for the planning, development and operation of a full range of real estate undertakings. We act as legal advisers to property owners, developers and construction companies. Our comprehensive service begins in the initial phase and ends with the sale to third parties and includes design and securement of adequate guarantees and financing.

BCCB is widely skilled in all aspects of probate law and advises clients not only with reference to legal procedures, but also in the prevention, analysis and resolution of issues and conflict that may arise in cases of transfer of property due to inheritace.

The firm has proven experience in all aspects regarding capital markets, such as issuing securities and restructuring debt, involving private placements as well national and international public offerings.

BCCB provides taxation advice on specific matters with the purpose of responding to taxpayers’ claims resulting from the ongoing modifications in national, provincial and municipal legislation. The firm also provides taxation advice in transactions and/or operations involving clients in order to render comprehensive legal services.

BCCB renders legal advice on banking and foreign exchange related issues, all aspects of relations with financial entities and the application of BCRA (Central Bank of Argentina) regulations in matters concerning syndicated loans, debt restructuring, guarantee schemes, analysis and revision of customary operations with entities, foreign trade and foreign currency transfers. The firm has experience in dealing with financial and foreign exchange proceedings initiated by the BCRA.

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