BCCB was founded in 1973 by Segundo V. Linares Quintana and Gregorio Badeni, both attorneys at law. The former has been a consultant to the firm since 2004 to 2013.

From its beginnings, BCCB’s activities have been outstanding and extensive, consistently distinguished by the excellence of the firm’s professionals and their unflagging commitment to attaining results while acting with loyalty and integrity and striving for excellence.

Both in business and in private spheres, corporations, organizations and individuals require advice for resolving the various matters that arise with government authorities and public agencies as well as with the wide universe of companies or individuals with which they interact every day.

BCCB’s team of lawyers is trained to respond to all these needs.

With a long and distinguished background in the defense of clients’ rights before the judicial, executive and legislative bodies including coordinating task forces devoted to legislative follow-ups.

The firm’s experience extends from the representation of organizations and individuals to legislative supervision. BCCB applies a dynamic approach to institucional relations as well as in the public and private realms not only in the management of conflict but in its prevention.

BCCB’s members have advised multinational companies in complex transactions as well as serving on advisory teams in the Senate, Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Justice, provincial municipalities and the Judiciary. They have also represented numerous clients before government departments.


Throughout its 41 years’ existence the firm has been renowned for its sense of responsibility and for its unflagging adherence to the legal values of the Argentine National Constitution. This acknowledgment has resulted in the insertion of BCCB among the leading firms that provide legal advice on matters of public law, especially those related to freedom of speech in general and to freedom of the press.

The firm has always had, and continues to have, a team of attorneys trained in strategic thinking for the purpose of advising on and preventing conflicts as well as solving ongoing issues. This task force also works to create and maintain good relations while striving to safeguard the clients’ legitimate interests and rights.


Our work ethic is built on three pillars: Ethical Integrity, Professionalism and Excellence.

Since having set those standards, our firm has continued to strengthen its foundational values:

  • Professional and ethical accountability
  • Excellence in the exercise of its legal practice
  • High quality in professional services


BCCB is strongly committed to legal education.

The majority of the firm’s professionals are on the teaching staff of either public or private universities and actively participate in different National Academies as well as lecturing at conferences and seminars for lawyers and the public in general.


To provide professional assistance to clients in order to safeguard their rights through a team of lawyers driven by talent, responsibility and courtesy.

To develop, support and promote new generations of lawyers with the purpose of pursuiting of the firm’s founding values